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Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that focuses on the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of malocclusion and other related conditions. Malocclusion is a condition where the teeth and jaws do not align properly, resulting in improper bite and function. Orthodontics focuses on the straightening of teeth and the correction of improper jaw position to restore the natural bite and function of the mouth. 

Orthodontic treatment is a long-term process that can involve braces, appliances, and other devices to help correct the alignment of a person’s teeth and jaw. Orthodontic treatment not only improves the appearance of a person’s smile, but it also helps to improve the overall health of their teeth and gums. It can help to reduce the risk of dental diseases, such as tooth decay and gum disease, by helping to keep teeth and gums in the proper position for proper cleaning. 

The orthodontic process typically begins with a comprehensive evaluation of the patient’s mouth and teeth. This evaluation will usually include X-rays, photographs, and impressions of the teeth. After the evaluation is complete, the orthodontist will develop a plan to correct any malocclusion or misalignment present. The treatment plan may include braces, retainers, headgear, or other appliances. 

Braces are the most common orthodontic treatment and involve the use of brackets and wires to move the teeth into the desired position. Braces are usually made of metal, ceramic, or plastic and are typically worn for a period of several months to several years, depending on the severity of the misalignment. Retainers and headgear may also be prescribed to help maintain the desired position of the teeth once the braces are removed. 

Orthodontic treatment can have many benefits, both cosmetic and functional. By correcting misalignment, orthodontic treatment can improve a person’s appearance and boost their confidence. Additionally, it can improve the fit of the teeth, which can improve overall oral health and reduce the risk of dental diseases. Orthodontic treatment can also improve the patient’s speech, chewing, and other functions of their mouth. With the right treatment plan, you can enjoy the long-term benefits of improved oral health and a beautiful smile. Contact our orthodontic office today to schedule a consultation.

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