Dealing with Sensitive Teeth While Wearing Braces | Orthodontist in Palos Hills

Tooth sensitivity poses challenges for many, with various factors contributing to discomfort, especially among those undergoing orthodontic treatment. At Paul DiFranco Orthodontics of Palos Hills, your Orthodontist in Palos Hills, we understand the unique concerns faced by individuals with braces and sensitive teeth. Here’s how we address tooth sensitivity in the context of orthodontic care:

Understanding the Causes:
Tooth sensitivity during orthodontic treatment can stem from receding gums, tooth decay, exposed roots, and thinning enamel. Braces exert pressure on teeth, exacerbating sensitivity and discomfort. Recognizing these factors allows us to tailor solutions to each patient’s needs.

Addressing Sensitivity During Braces:
Approximately 1 in 8 individuals with braces experience sensitivity, often due to overbrushing or inadequate dental hygiene. Gentle brushing techniques and thorough plaque removal are essential. We advise patients to adopt soft brushes and seek guidance on effective brushing while wearing braces.

Prioritizing Dental Hygiene:
Proper dental hygiene is paramount for patients with braces to prevent plaque buildup and decay. Food particles trapped between teeth and braces can exacerbate sensitivity. Our team emphasizes meticulous hygiene practices and offers personalized recommendations to optimize oral health.

Managing Sensitivity:
Effective management strategies include using toothpaste for sensitive teeth and seeking alternative treatments if necessary. Over-the-counter pain relievers can alleviate discomfort following orthodontic adjustments. Persistent or severe sensitivity warrants professional evaluation and intervention.

Seeking Professional Guidance:
Our dentist provides expert advice and solutions tailored to individual needs. We encourage patients to reach out if sensitivity persists or worsens, ensuring timely intervention and personalized care throughout their orthodontic journey.

For additional support and information on managing braces or addressing tooth sensitivity, our team is here to help. Contact Paul DiFranco Orthodontics of Palos Hills for comprehensive care and guidance on achieving optimal oral health during orthodontic treatment.