What Does The Perfect Bite Consist Of? | Orthodontist 60465

Orthodontist 60465

Your bite may need some work, and that’s okay. It may come to a surprise to you, but our orthodontist in 60465 is skilled in examining your bite and may be able to see things you can’t. 

Your View

When looking in the mirror, you can see your front teeth. In our office, what we look for is to see whether your teeth are too long. If your top teeth are covering more than half of your bottom teeth, this is called a deep bite.

We will also check to see how your teeth line up in relation to your lip.

Locking Down

When visiting our office, the orthodontist will have you open your mouth wide to check the alignment of your teeth from the top looking down. When viewed from above, an ideal bite will form the shape of an arch.

This view is also a great way to see any gaps that may be in between the teeth. 

Side View

Viewing your mouth from the side may be difficult for you, but it is another angle of your mouth we must look at. From this perspective, we will find out if your mouth structure needs to be adjusted from an overbite or an underbite.

Steps To Take Next

After we have inspected all the different angles of your bite, we can decide the next steps in helping you achieve the results you want. Treatment options to consider if you have gaps or spaces would be traditional braces or aligners.

Another option to treat and under or overbite is an expander. 

The Importance of a Good Bite

If your teeth are not aligned it can cause difficulties with eating and speaking. An improper bite can lead to extensive jaw discomfort and even tooth decay. Your oral health and having a good bite go hand and hand.

If you have questions or concerns about your bite, or the alignment of your teeth, contact our orthodontics office in Palos Hills, IL to schedule a consultation and learn more about achieving the perfect bite.